Upcoming events

DSC04521 [2016/10/19] Free event for international students:
Start with success (Entrepreneurship, Career, Volunteer)
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13775872_278477425854192_4576485967488165740_n [2016/10/22] Bristol Banksy Graffiti Tour

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images [2016/10/30] Pumpkin Curving Workshop & Stargazing

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IMG_0411 [2016/11/02] Horse Riding Training

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DSC03570 [2016/11/19] Career Guidance Workshop
13775872_278477425854192_4576485967488165740_n [2016/11/26] Bristol Banksy Graffiti Tour
DSC03652 [2016/12/3] Entrepreneur Workshop
13129046395_af4004d1cf_o [2016/12/7] Red Lodge Museum visit & early Christmas celebration
IMG_7468 [2017/1/7] English Traditional Breakfast Cooking Class
15642852437_c66e8e1a41_o [2017/1/14] National Theatre Back Stage Tour
DSC03582 [2017/1/21] Career Guidance Workshop
13129191534_10e920d80b_o [2017/2/11] English Etiquette Class
profile picture_Ede 拷貝 [2017/2/18] Visa workshop
13775872_278477425854192_4576485967488165740_n [2017/2/26] Bristol Banksy Graffiti Tour
Viennese Ball in the Moscow Manege. Ball helped to deepen the relations of both cities of Moscow and Vienna. Usually it welcomes more than 1400 guests from politics, business and arts from Russia, the European Union and the CIS states. Moscow, Russia. June, 8, 2007 (Photo by Kristina Sazonova/Epsilon) [2017/3/3] International Students Evening Ball
DSC03652 [2017/3/11] Entrepreneur Workshop
shakespeare-pic-300x288-resized-267x275 [2017/3/18] Shakespeare Garden and theatre tour
IMG_7794  [2017/15/04] Wine Tasting
landscape-1456409553-cotswold-town  [2017/08/04] Historical tour in the Cotswolds
IMG_8009  [2017/05] Sailing Training

Past events

bristol  [2016.06] Cycling to Bath from Bristol!
15642852437_c66e8e1a41_o  [2016/06] Theatre Backstage Tour
DSC04397 [2016/06] Afternoon Tea with the Lord Mayor
DSC03639 [2016/04] Neehao Elite Event